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  February 25, 2020
Glass Machinery

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Machine ID 2550 Year 1994
Category Glass Machinery - Cutting Tables Condition As taken from service
Type Shape cutting table, Jumbo size Region International
Manufacturer Bottero    
Model 340 BCS    
Photo Slideshow
Description In-line (with transporting belts) max 6100 x 3300 mm cutting table.

Technical Features

´ Cutting machine completely combinable with manual and automatic loading and breakout modules.

´ Structure made up of electro-welded steel tubular pipes, protected by two layers of paint: rust-prevention

and colored enamel.

´ Accurately flat and carpet padded wooden table surface.

´ Series of pneumatic lifting timing belts for the loading of the loader and the unloading to the glass working


´ Possibility of producing any complex cutting scheme including straight cuts and outline cuts.

´ Cutting bridge made up of steel and placed transversally to the machine fitted with state-of-the-art


´ Electronic search glass squaring (mechanic if the machine is associated to automatic breakouts).

´ Cutting parameters adjustment directly from keyboard with possibility to memorize parameters linking them

to the type of glass making the use of the machine simple and intuitive.

´ The electronic control of all the parameters (pressure, speed, cutting acceleration, quantity of oil on cut,

head descent time, beginning of cut head pressure delta) is constantly ensured by the machine control

program. In this way there is an excellent and constant cutting quality which permits a good glass breakout.

´ Special solenoid valve for lubrication control, allocated close to the cutting wheel, proper for high

evaporating oils use.

´ EquipmentÝs for cutting head safety:

´ Linear encoder for glass detection.

´ Collapsible cutting head element, easy to change, that in case of accidental impact avoids to stress the

carriage on the bridge.

´ Bridge movement driven by motor gripping on pinions with gripping gear facing downwards with the natural

advantage of avoiding the deposit of impurities between the teeth.

´ Head holder carriage activated by direct drive engine on precision racks.

´ Man-machine dialogue simple and intuitive owing to a software interface, which takes into account all the

glassmakerÝs requirements.

´ The operator is guided step-by-step, during the introduction of the cutting data and in all operative functions

of the machine by the software that helps him and highlights any possible errors.

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Matt Dombrowski, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 17434 Palamino Lake Dr
Dade City Florida 33523
Phone 678-939-4136
Email sales@GlassMachineryLocator.com

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