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  March 19, 2019
Glass Machinery

NOTE: This Machine is SOLD. Click Here to View Our Full Selection of Glass Machinery - Laminating Equipment Machines or Contact Us If You Are Interested in a Similar Machine.
Machine ID 3866 Year 1999
Category Glass Machinery - Laminating Equipment Condition Good
Type Laminate Production Line Region Southwest US
Manufacturer Glassrobotos Sale Price $179000.00 (Retails for $365000.00)
Model FLL 220/400    
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Description This machine performs the positioning of glass sheet, assembling of PVB-film and transfer of the laminate to the per-pressing section.

OPERATION PRINCIPLE: Glass sheet comes out from a washing machine onto the positioning conveyor and stops there. Positioning table raises and the glass is automatically positioned. In the assembling conveyor, there is an uprising table onto which the "lamirobot" automatically transfers the glass sheet.

The PVB-interlayer film is spead on the laminating table, after which the "lamirobot" brings another sheet of glass onto the PVB-film. The laminate is now ready to be transferred into the the pre-pressing furnace.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Max. glass size 86.6" x 157.48" (2,200 mm x 4,000 mm), min. glass size 27.55" x 27.55" (700 mm x 700 mm) max. load 880 Lbs (400 kG), Max. thickness 3.93" (100 mm).

PVB-interlayer film stand for max. (4) rolls, max. width of rolls 90" (2,300 mm); Manual infeed and cuting of interlayer film.

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Matt Dombrowski, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
Phone 678-939-4136
Email sales@GlassMachineryLocator.com

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