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  July 15, 2020

Glass Machinery

Company Profile Hasko Heavy-Built

Profit Pushers

Hasko 2005 flooring machine, end matcher , and ripsaw specialist.

Flooring machines and end matchers manufacturer is world leader with the Hasko heavy-built end matcher, sidematcher, feed table, planer, rip saw, optimizing saw, nesting and sorting system, and rough mill equipment.

Company Profile John G. Weber Co., Inc. brings over 30 years of woodworking machinery experience to the service of his customers. The Company, which was founded in 1989 by John G. Weber, has been a leader in sales, engineering and service to the woodworking industry in the Great Lakes Region for 12 years. Our goal is to provide the most innovative, dependable, cost effective, and finest quality machinery and services for the needs of our customers.

We represent the world leaders in their respective field offering brands such as: Weeke, Homag, Holzma, Heian, Cefla, Friz, Brandt, Altendorf, Homag Espana, Butfering, Ligmatech, Sorbini, Northwood, Black Brothers, Multicam, Barr-Mullin, Rosenquist, Jenkins Systems, Powermatic, Precision Automation and Accurate Technology, Inc. In addition to new equipment, we maintain a large stock of used and reconditioned machines, for the interested customer. Our growth and expansion, in 1996, to a larger facility has increased our ability to provide the support services that are vital to your success. Machines are available under power in our technology center for your evaluation.

As a distributor, we respond to the many challenges of the industry by offering the most advanced equipment and services to the customer. Several times throughout the year, our vendors host Open Houses and Applications Seminars, to help our customers face the challenges of rising costs of raw materials, skilled labor shortages, and an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our experience is always available to your organization. Call us for an experienced sales consultant for your next project!

We have staff experienced in rough mills, panel processing and CNC routing and machining applications and supply industry professionals for sales, engineering, installation, training, parts, service, machine reconditioning, and productivity enhancement. We handle technicians that do electrical and mechanical troubleshooting and repairs on machinery ranging from CNC routers to panel saws. Our broad range of contacts throughout the industry enables us to provide timely response to the parts requirements of our customers.

For more information about the services and machinery offered by

John G. Weber Co., Inc.

MACHINERY, SYSTEMS AND ENGINEERING Call: (920) 452-4494 Fax: (920) 452-4395 Email: Sales@johngweber.com

Company Profile Star V Machinery was founded in September of 1994 by Leslie Lengyel and Bill Kopsco.

Neither is a stranger to the V-Grooving machinery industry. Combined they have 28 years of knowledge and expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing of V-Grooving machines.

Star V Machinery is located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The company offers eight different standard V-Grooving machines for the Solid Surface Industry, as well as several other models for the manufacturers of Speaker & TV Cabinets, Fixture & Display and Architectural Millwork companies.

All eight standard machines can be ordered with customized cutting features:

Number of cutting heads

Maximum throat capacity (max. distance of cut away from fence)

Maximum cross cut width

Company Profile Progressive Machinery, Inc. is the Worldwide representative for Zuckermann Copyshaping/Copysanding Machinery. Zuckermann offers machines for single and multiple workpieces from 1 meter length up to 3 meter length. We offer complete parts and service for the Zuckermann line.
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