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  July 4, 2022
Glass Machinery

Machine ID 4762 Year 2018
Category Glass Machinery - Laminating Equipment Condition New never used
Type Laminating Oven Region Northeast US
Manufacturer HHH    
Model LF-3624-5D    
Photo Slideshow
Description Vacuum Laminating Furnace

The (5) layer furnace uses vacuum bags for glass lamination using EVA , TPU, SGP films. The lamination process is based on the temperature cycle programming which depends on the glass thickness and type of laminating film used. The vacuum system achieves a total vacuum inside silicone bags containing glass sheets and film for correct and proper laminating and high quality of end-product. This glass lamination technology enables the production of laminated glass for use in the Fireproof and Ballistics glass industries. To produce decorative laminated glass it is possible to use colored EVA film, décor materials, PET, glass with photo printing and film for smart glass.

The Furnace was designed with (5) layers and (2) doors. The heating elements are located at the top of the furnace and circulation blowers used for the heat circulation inside the furnace can effectively reduce the energy consumption.

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Matt Dombrowski, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 17434 Palamino Lake Dr
Dade City Florida 33523
Phone 678-939-4136
Email sales@GlassMachineryLocator.com

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