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  April 22, 2018
Glass Machinery

There are 11 Machine Matches! Recently listed machines are shown first. Use the menus to refine the results. Click the Machine ID or the "View Details" link for full machine information and additional images.

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Featured Glass Machinery - Tempering Furnaces

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4550 [details >>]
Manufacturer Mappi Category/Type 84" Tempering Furnace
Model AU 1F 1S Condition Excellent
Location South US Year 2002
Price $149000.00

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4498 [details >>]
Manufacturer Mappi Category/Type 41" Tempering Furnace
Model FOX 1050x2300 Condition Good
Location Northwest US Year 2003
Price $189000.00

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4471 [details >>]
Manufacturer HHH Category/Type 100" Glass Tempering Furnace
Model 100X168 Condition Very good
Location Northwest US Year
Price $398000.00

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4462 [details >>]
Manufacturer Unknown Category/Type Glass Bending Oven
Model NA Condition Good
Location Northeast US Year
Price Call For Price

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4454 [details >>]
Manufacturer Tamglass Category/Type 60" Tempering Furnace
Model 60x120HBF-1ZONE Condition Good
Location West Coast US Year 1996
Price $89500.00

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4449 [details >>]
Manufacturer Southtech Category/Type 78" Glass Tempering Furnace
Model TPG3621 Condition Currently in use
Location South US Year 2013
Price $138500.00

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4448 [details >>]
Manufacturer CMS (Made in Turkey) Category/Type 96" Glass Tempering Furnace
Model 2436 Condition Currently in use
Location South US Year 2016
Price $149500.00

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4420 [details >>]
Manufacturer Tamglass Category/Type 84" Glass Tempering Furnace
Model Pro E Condition ATFS, in good running condition
Location Northeast US Year
Price $239000.00

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4382 [details >>]
Manufacturer Mappi Category/Type 72" Glass Tempering Furnace
Model AU 1F 1S 1800-3800 0.3 S.R.A Condition Very good
Location Northeast US Year 2001
Price $149000.00

[view details]
4102 [details >>]
Manufacturer Hodge Category/Type Autoclave
Model NB-1904 Condition Good
Location Midwest US Year 1979
Price $109000.00

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3332 [details >>]
Manufacturer GML Category/Type Glass Autoclave
Model N/A Condition Brand new with warranty
Location Southeast US Year 2018
Price Call For Price

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