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5 Benefits of Choosing Used Glass Machinery for Your Lineup

Keeping your lineup stocked with the right equipment is critical to meeting demands. Without adequate machinery, your operation loses money by the minute. It can cause your facility to leave orders unfilled, place excess strain on other machines and waste labor time. For example, a broken-down tempering furnace can cost more than $32,000 per shift

When demands change or machines break down, your facility must act quickly to find a solution. One option is purchasing new equipment to fill the need. However, new equipment poses several obstacles for many fabricators, such as long lead times and high prices. Thankfully, there’s an alternative with more affordable used glass machinery. 

Used glass fabrication equipment and used glass tempering furnaces provide a range of benefits for facilities of all sizes. Most importantly, used machines can prevent or stop downtime from hurting your business’ bottom line. In this blog, we’ll share several benefits of choosing used glass equipment for your lineup. 

#1 Achieve Cost Savings 

New machinery is a significant expense. Constant innovations in automation, software and displays add to the cost. Many fabricators, especially small and mid-size operations, do not have large funds available to purchase new equipment. The cost can be especially daunting when breakdowns happen unexpectedly. 

Used glass machinery offers a lower price tag than new equipment. When you partner with a reputable supplier, used options can provide reliable solutions for your operation. Make sure to conduct adequate research on potential suppliers before choosing equipment. To get the most from your machinery, you should seek a used glass supplier that offers support after the sale. At Glass Machinery Locator, you won’t sacrifice service for savings. Our dependable used glass equipment from industry-known brands offers a cost-effective way to reduce downtime. 

#2 Meet Capacity Needs 

Demands on fabricators continue to rise. The glass industry is expected to grow at a 5.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 to 2030. The construction and automobile sectors are among the segments contributing to the growth. If your facility is struggling to keep up, you’re not alone. Many fabricators are turning to used glass machinery to help them fulfill ever-increasing orders.  

Moreover, if your operation has the capacity to add service lines, used glass equipment serves as an attainable starting point. This could include purchasing a used laminating machine to gauge demand before purchasing a new, full laminating line. With less upfront investment, this approach minimizes risk for your operation. 

Occasionally, fabricators face a decrease in demand for certain products. If your facility finds itself with unused equipment, you can sell your used glass machinery for a competitive price. Suppliers like Glass Machinery Locator partner with fabricators to take equipment off their hands. We offer comprehensive support for sellers, including: 

  • Price determinationEquipment marketing
  • Offer evaluation
  • Order processing
  • Paperwork completion

#3: Get Top-quality Brands 

The glass industry’s biggest brands feature state-of-the-art elements, but oftentimes, they are not affordable for most fabricators. Your facility can obtain these machines for less by leveraging used glass machinery marketplaces, including Glass Machinery Locator. You’ll benefit from the same durable, long-lasting designs as fabricators who purchase new. 

Ultimately, used glass equipment makes top-of-the-line machines available to a broader range of fabricators. This can even the playing field for small and mid-size fabricators trying to compete with larger operations in a competitive landscape. By enhancing your lineup’s finishing quality or services, used machines could be the key to a more profitable business. 

#4: Schedule Quick Installation 

The immediate availability of used glass machinery is a major advantage. Unlike some new equipment, used options allow you to avoid far-out lead times, order processing, shipping or manufacturing time that can hurt your ability to promptly fulfill orders. Glass Machinery Locator offers a large variety of used glass fabrication equipment and used glass tempering furnaces that can be installed quickly to keep your facility up and running. 

Plus, replacing with used equipment is much faster than waiting on far-out repair times. Many fabricators wait for repairs only for their issues to be unresolved or recurring. With used glass equipment, your operation can keep customers satisfied, orders moving and workers busy. Choosing this path provides both short- and long-term benefits for your business. 

#5: Receive First-rate Support 

Many suppliers offer used glass machinery without any assurances. That can make fabricators feel uneasy about the dependability of used options. Unlike competitors, Glass Machinery Locator provides installation, training and ongoing technical support to help our customers succeed with their used equipment. 

Our support services come from respected industry experts. As a sister company of HHH Equipment Resources, all Glass Machinery Locator customers receive access to HHH’s U.S.-based glass fabrication technical team, offering 150 years of combined experience. From selecting the right equipment to maintaining its performance, our team settles for nothing less than providing exceptional customer service. 

Improve Your Lineup’s Production with Used Glass Machinery 

Ready to select used glass machinery to optimize your lineup and prevent downtime? Connect with the Glass Machinery Locator team today.