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Used Machinery

Shop used glass machinery from Glass Machinery Locator. We offer a selection of used glass equipment, including used glass edging machines, used beveling machines, used glass drilling machines, used cutting tables, used tempering furnaces, used CNC machinery, used insulated glass equipment, material handling and more.

Glass Machinery Locator sells used flat glass machinery from a wide variety of industry-known manufacturers and our inventory is constantly being updated. We ensure a smooth purchasing process, from used glass machinery selection to support and training.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact the Glass Machinery Locator experts for help finding used glass machinery that fits your glass fabrication needs.

60 Results

Year of Manufacture
1984 2024
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    Front and Back Tracks for Bovone

    • Category Miscellaneous
    • Manufacturer --
    • Year of Manufacture Not Applicable
    • Condition New/Never Been Used

    Forel Sealing Robot

    • Category Insulated Glass Equipment
    • Manufacturer FMF
    • Year of Manufacture 2018
    • Condition Currently In Use

    Glaston NRG 250

    • Category CNC Machining Centers
    • Manufacturer Glaston
    • Year of Manufacture 2008
    • Condition Currently In Use

    Denver Advance Elite

    • Category CNC Machining Centers
    • Manufacturer Denver
    • Year of Manufacture 2023
    • Condition Like New

    Hoaf HeatBox

    • Category Laminating Equipment
    • Manufacturer Hoaf
    • Year of Manufacture 2011
    • Condition Excellent

    Neptun RK 10/45

    • Category Edging Machines
    • Manufacturer Neptun
    • Year of Manufacture 2014
    • Condition Good

    Somaca VFE6

    • Category Edging Machines
    • Manufacturer Somaca
    • Year of Manufacture 2003
    • Condition Good
    Bottero Pratica

    Bottero Pratica plus 4000

    • Category CNC Machining Centers
    • Manufacturer Bottero
    • Year of Manufacture 2016
    • Condition Excellent

    Various Manufacturers THOM 2200

    • Category Glass Material Handling Equipment
    • Manufacturer Ergo Robotics
    • Year of Manufacture 2017
    • Condition Excellent

    Deway DJM10

    • Category Edging Machines
    • Manufacturer Deway
    • Year of Manufacture 2013
    • Condition Good

    Vitrododi Mini Border FP

    • Category Edging Machines
    • Manufacturer Vitrododi
    • Year of Manufacture 2006
    • Condition Fair

    LandGlass A2842E30 (2008)

    • Category Tempering Furnaces
    • Manufacturer LandGlass
    • Year of Manufacture 2008
    • Condition Good

    60 Results