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LiSEC Automatic Glass Sorting & Cutting Line

About This Machine:

Perfect working condition Lisec automatic glass sorting and cutting line, including breakout table, lami bridge, gantry crane, sorting, cradles, racks, etc… large line with huge capacity that runs daily in full production.  Extremely well maintained work horse capable of 25 years or more of additional production.  Includes LISEC software in price!


LBK 37/33; PKL 37/33; SBL 37/33 KR; ATL 37/33 BF; EST37/33 RS-S; VB-33;
BTA-X 42/33; TBX-33; BTA-X 21/33; IKT-3733; BTA 16/16; RKT 25/16 KLA;
RTVN 15/16 ST; RTVN 27/16 MZ; SML 24/16; STL 24/16; PFL 24/16 (HK); FWL 24/16; RTVN-15/16T; ETL+24/16; PFL 2-24/16 ZE; RTVN-15/20ST; RTVN-15/16T; ETL+24/16; PFL 2-24/16 ZE; RTVN-15/20ST

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